You've arrived at / stumbled upon / are attempting to spam the website of Valerie Peterson — writer, producer, and sometimes director.

Valerie tells stories — made up and true, dramatic and comedic — through a variety of media. She is bookish and TVish, mysterious, foodish and wine-y.

A veteran of the book publishing industry and a recovering corporate, she also uses her superpowers to help brands shape and more effectively tell their narratives, and to help writers get their own stories out into the book world.

Here and on websites, in periodicals, and via social media, Valerie reports, opinionates and shares her intrepid daily adventures in NYC and beyond. (Keep in mind that while you might not count, say, a trip to Whole Foods as an "intrepid adventure," Valerie spends an awful lot of time in front of the computer.)

Valerie's Latest Adventures